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I was born in The Philippines, growing up in New Zealand from the age of 6 before my family finally settled in Brisbane, Australia. In January 2017, my apparently inherited desire to explore the world will see me relocate to Canada with my partner, Martin.

I have always been, for lack of a better word, a creative. Childhood play for me was always drawing, painting, making; even physical activity involved some kind of creative play (which continues to this day, in my love for yoga, and recently, bouldering). It wasn't until I was 13 that I picked up a camera and began my lifelong relationship with photography. It is through the lens that I found my people; that I formed meaningful connections with others; that I can see beauty in the ordinary where others cannot; and, most of all, found a home for myself. I hope it is also through the lens that I can take part in making the world a better place.

This blog is a place for me to share stories, and serves as a space for my creative, personal and emotional expression. Its existence is mostly for me, but it's nice that you're spending some time with it (and therefore, me) too.

My other pursuits include but are not limited to: designing, and being an active member of the Australian creative community; writing, both by way of this blog and putting pen to paper; playing guitar (at a completely self-taught, beginners' level); sketching strangers on the train; reading when I make the time; and patting other people's dogs. I am also a yoga teacher, and I run monthly photography workshops over at Workshop Brisbane.


I love collaborating with fellow creatives and passionate people, taking their pictures and sharing their story through photos & film. If you have an upcoming project or event you need a photographer for, get in touch: hello[at]camillenathania.com.au.

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All content on this blog unless stated otherwise has been created by Camille Santiago. Please ask and leave credit where it's due if you wish to share any photos, words and videos elsewhere. If you would like an image as a photographic print, you can write to me at hello[at]camillenathania.com.au.