Taken by Jason de Plater

I'm Camille. I'm a freelance portrait, lifestyle & travel photographer based in Canada, originally from Brisbane, Australia (and before that, New Zealand & The Philippines).

I've been taking photos since I was a teenager. At the time, I never really thought I could make it what I did for a living. What started out as doing photoshoots (sometimes paid, sometimes not) outside of my full-time graphic design job turned into me realising that I had (wrongfully) assumed that I wasn't good enough for the thing that I loved the most. In July 2016, I put a pause on my graphic design career to give my photography the chance it deserves. I now live in Canada with my partner Martin, where I'll have more than enough to fall in love with and capture.

I am completely self-taught, and now I also teach others, previously running regular photography workshops at Workshop Brisbane. Outside of being a young creative, I am also a certified yoga teacher, dog lover, and coffee enthusiast with a constant craving to explore the world around me.

I have also always had a love of reading and writing. Aside from being a place to share stories outside of my professional work, this blog also satisfies my need to write. It is a visual, ongoing documentary of sorts, and serves as a space for my creative and emotional expression—however raw, however vulnerable. Its existence is mostly for me, but it's nice that you're spending some time with it (and me) too.

If you'd like to view my work, you can visit my website at camillenathania.com.

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Lastly, although it should go without saying

All content on this blog unless stated otherwise has been created by Camille Nathania/Camille Santiago. Please ask and leave credit where it's due if you wish to share any photos, words and videos elsewhere.