Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why I'm trekking for orangutans in Borneo.

With just two weeks to go until I leave for Borneo, I've finally written this post. Over the last year as I've been training, fundraising and campaigning for the trek, a lot of you have been so supportive and have—rightly so—been curious as to why I decided to trek for orangutans.

I believe we all have an opportunity and a responsibility to inspire change. I've always known that I wanted to do something that will keep on giving even when I'm gone. I don't want to live out my days contributing only to myself and my own life when there are so many beings around the world in need. It was never going to be enough to only do well in my career; I wanted everything else I was passionate about on the inside to be something I was actively involved in on the outside.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Ones We Love Exhibition, Künstler Magazines

Some photos from The Ones We Love exhibition & book release at Künstler Magazines. An exhibition of the most beautiful, tender & raw portraits of love, humans, life by photographers all around the world. It can be so hard to capture a person's essence, all of the facets of their being, in one single photo, but these photographers get it right. I hope to be taking more of these kinds of photos in the future.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Type By Hand: Hand-lettering workshops with Wayne Thompson.

Yet again, my design & photography worlds collide. If you're a designer & type-lover living in Australia, then you've probably already heard of Wayne Thompson's Type By Hand workshops. Teaching you to refine your hand-lettering skills through a range of techniques, you'll learn the art of blackletter, brush type and even how to make your own ruling pen from a soda can. These workshops are a must if you love typography or doing anything by hand, not to mention you get a lot of one-on-one learning time with some of Australia's best typographers.

It was such a pleasure filming the workshop (which I've been wanting to attend myself for some time now). I first met Wayne when I photographed Typism 2013; almost a year later, it's great to be able to work with Wayne after our brief chats about videos & photos at the conference.

If you went to Typism, you'll also notice Wayne's fellow speakers Matt Vergotis (attending as a helper) & Nicole Phillips (attending as a keen student) appear in the video.

Just quietly: plans are already underway for Typism 2015, so keep an eye on the website for the line-up and more news to come.

More photos from my day capturing Type By Hand below.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Self, 2014.

It's been a while since one of these.
Photo taken by Martin.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

I Used To Skate Once 10

Photos from the 10th annual I Used To Skate Once. As always the show boasted an impressive collection of work from talented artists from Brisbane and across Australia. There was even a skateboard connected to an electric guitar you could play that I wasn't able to get a better photo of! Make sure you keep an eye out for next year's event if you haven't been before.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Analogue/Digital Brisbane 2014 After-Party.

If you went to the A/D after-party at Greaser bar, you might spot your face in the video. The after-party was too good not to give it a separate video of its own. Some snaps below!

In case you missed it: go and watch the official Analogue/Digital Brisbane 2014 video.

Analogue/Digital Creative Conferences Brisbane 2014.

So pleased that I can finally post this. A month ago I had the honour of filming and photographing Analogue/Digital here in Brisbane. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I filmed Analogue/Digital back when it first started, just for fun from the safety of my seat in the audience when I was still experimenting with videography. Even then, Matt was incredibly supportive and encouraging—if you know Matt, then you'll know that he roots for the homegrown, the talented, the hard-working, and the passionate people who love what they do, whatever that is.

After attending A/D year after year and after taking photos from my seat at A/D again last year, Matt decided he wanted me to "do one of your sick films like you did for us the very first time!". I can't thank Matt & Alex enough for doing such brilliant jobs running the conference (which is now national!) and for giving me the opportunity to "officially" shoot it this year. I had an amazing time, as always—if you were there, I hope you did too.

Check out the A/D BNE after-party video & photos over here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jungle Heart: Exhibition Opening Night.

As some of you know, the past 6 months of my life more or less has been about raising funds for WWF and planning Jungle Heart. Last Friday we had our opening night and I'm still in a bit of disbelief that it's been and gone and was (dare I say it?) a raging success.

We had an incredible turnout for the exhibition at Southside Tea Room. Over half of our 14 pieces sold, not to mention the extra donations that came from our "World Change" tip jar and the exclusive Jungle Juice cocktail we had on the night. So many familiar faces from the Brisbane & Gold Coast creative communities came out to support us and this cause and I can't thank you all enough for being so kind and encouraging and about as excited as I was about the exhibition. To think that a lot of you have already called for a "next year" before I've even had a chance to delve further into the idea gives me hope that maybe I have started something truly good here.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jasmine Dowling: Brisbane designer, typographer & fashion blogger.

Documenting creatives behind-the-scenes is definitely my favourite kind of project. There's nothing better than meeting a creative, like-minded person I admire in real life, seeing their home/working space and taking their photo. So it made a whole lot of sense for me to get together and collaborate with Brisbane creative Jasmine Dowling, who I've been "Instagram friends" with since late 2012. Those of you who attended Analogue Digital on Friday would have been the first to have seen our film (and on the big screen too).

Monday, May 05, 2014

Jungle Heart Exhibition: raising critical funds for Borneo & the orang-utans.

Over the weekend I announced something I've been planning for the last 6 months: Jungle Heart, an exhibition of original artwork by Australian artists joining the fight for conservation in Borneo.

A minimum 15% of each artwork sold on the opening night will be donated to WWF Australia. The Bornean rainforests are one of WWF's high impact initiatives, and these funds will help them to:

  • Create a giant 220,000 km2 network of protected areas and sustainably managed forests
  • Provide the people of Borneo with real alternatives to illegal poaching and logging
  • Protect and sustainably manage the remaining natural habitat within the Heart of Borneo

It's been really exciting to put together this group of amazing creatives. These are people that I respect and admire, a mixture of emerging & established artists in their fields. Most creatives I know are incredibly passionate about the environment and the natural world, so for us all to be able to do what we love whilst giving back to the planet and raising awareness of Borneo is a really special thing.

If you live in Brisbane or you'll be in Brisbane on Friday, June 6, please come along to the exhibition—entry is free and the incredible crew at Southside Tea Room make amazing food and drink so it's bound to be a great night! RSVP on our event page and invite your friends.

I'll be regularly posting information about the event on our Facebook page, including sneak peeks of all the artists' pieces, any updates to the exhibition as well as facts about Borneo and the endangered orang-utans. Feel free to head over and "like it" to read more over the next few weeks.

Big, big thanks: My very big thanks goes to Brisbane creative ladies Jasmine Dowling (who hand-lettered the logo) and Sophia Mary Mac whose artwork for the exhibition is in the background of all our Jungle Heart images! It's thanks to you that the branding for Jungle Heart looks so lovely.