Monday, February 08, 2016

Tasmania: Freycinet National Park.

After two days in Hobart we began our adventure for real, leaving the city and driving up the east coast. Our first stop was Freycinet National Park, where we would stay in the nearby town of Bicheno.

Tasmania's east coast is warmer than Hobart, full of beautiful beaches and more vineyards than you can keep track of. We made our way to the iconic Wineglass Bay—I was hoping to do more hiking on some of the more scenic trails on this day but sadly we couldn't, as Martin's leg needed a rest from our climb up Mt. Wellington the day before. So we only did a small 45 minute hike to the Wineglass Bay lookout, where dozens of other people clamoured to see the view. I must admit it felt a little underwhelming especially given the scale of our experience the day prior, but had we hiked to the actual beach on Wineglass Bay (or done an aerial tour!) it probably would have been far more enjoyable.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Photography Basics Workshop: Brisbane, 2016.

In case you hadn't already heard: my Photography Basics Workshop in Brisbane is back! My first workshop for 2016 will be held at Workshop Brisbane on Saturday the 20th February from 1:30pm-4:30pm. Keep an eye on my Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for future dates.

If you have any questions about the workshops, or if you'd like to request a specific workshop in the future (for example, a workshop on photo editing, travel photography, or composition in-depth), please feel free to get in touch: For all the details and to book tickets, head over here. See you there!

Update: Another Photography Basics workshop will be underway in April, and then again in June!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Tasmania: Mt. Wellington, Hobart.

This is the first of many Tasmania photo stories I'll be posting on the blog over the next couple of weeks. November seems so far away now, especially since I've spent almost a month in an entirely different country since then, but I will never forget a day like this one: setting out to hike around Hobart's Kunanyi/Mt. Wellington (1271m above sea level), only to end up hiking all the way to the top and back down again.

This took Martin and I 8.5 hours, and in the end I think we walked something like 22 kilometers (but that's a guesstimate: I didn't record the hike on my phone so that's just a calculation we made after adding all the trail distances listed on Google Maps). We were, to put it mildly, wrecked. Talk about redefining the meaning of the word “holiday”.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Head/Heart: January 2016.

It's February! The speed of life is truly amazing. We only ever have the choice to go forward and go with it, come what may—which is why it's so imperative not to waste time and energy we will never get back on something that is keeping us from our true potential (sometimes, that something is ourself). I have, metaphorically speaking, emptied a lot of the contents of my heart and brain into this post already, so I'm just going to let you get right into it. Plenty of Canada photos at the bottom to reward you for getting to the end!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Yoga With Camille: A 365 Photo Challenge.

While I was in Canada, I decided to start a 365 photo challenge to honour my love of photography and yoga: one yoga photo a day for the whole year. Not only will it help me to open up about my practice, it will also help me do a little bit of yoga every day (it's not safe to simply “get into a pose” without doing any prep or warm-up beforehand), force me to get outside pretty much every day to take the photo, and allow me to improve my alignment as I'll be able to see where I may not be balanced in my poses. It will also help me with my teaching, as I try my best to write about the pose, how to prepare for it and its benefits—writing about yoga will help me get my words out for my future classes. Above all else, I'm just going to take it easy and have fun with it!

I included some of the photos below, but you can follow along on my new Instagram account: @yogawithcamille.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Head/Heart: December 2015.

Last year seems so far away, but in reality it was just a month ago we finished celebrating Christmas, and I was getting ready to fly off to Canada. Peculiar, how the structure of time can allow the concept of a year (and whatever came with that year) to disappear, shedding our old skin to make way for something new.

I didn't take many photos between Tasmania and Canada. I concentrated only on being as present as possible in those three short weeks. Taking everything one day, one me at a time. If you've been following my last few posts, you'll know I carried a lot of pain around with me in the last few months of the year, and I'm still slowly letting it go, gently waiting for more of me to come back to the fore.

That's the thing about travel—I have no expectation that I will be different (happier) when I am in a different place, however in taking everything one day at a time; in having mental space; in aimless meandering; in having a direct experience with your newfound surrounds; in being over 15,000 kilometres away from home: I am more able to let go. Not all the way—but just enough that I see glimpses of my true self again.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The year without pause: 2015.

It's been five years since my first ever year-in-review post. I look forward to these every year, because it's another opportunity to reflect, and then take aim for the next 12 months and beyond.

There's been a bit of a common theme with these posts. They open up about what is going on with me personally, and what I'm working on for the year ahead. Because I'm keeping it real, I talk a lot about whatever I'm struggling with. This year is no different.

If you've been keeping up with the blog for a while now (and so many of you have—thanks for sticking around), you'll know that I've been battling a lot of... stuff. Every year I make a little more progress working through that stuff, but it's been a bit of a cha-cha in that sometimes, I take a few steps forward and another one back. I guess that's all part of the process of working on yourself.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Head/Heart: November 2015.

I am both relieved and shocked that it's mid-December. Relieved because the new year brings fresh opportunity and many changes; shocked because I normally feel fairly prepared for December, crossing the T's and dotting the I's of the last 12 months to make way for the following year, and right now I don't feel like I'm ready to start anew. I feel as if I'm a tennis ball someone threw at the start of the year, simply hurtling to the other end of the court with no end in sight. I'm used to being busy, but this year was something else.

I've included plenty more photos than usual in this post because there are so many great ones to share from Tasmania (and these are just a tiny selection from the hundreds I took on my iPhone). I'll also be writing my usual year-in-review post which I'm hoping to have finished before Christmas, but writing meaningfully about the whole year can sometimes take a little while—I like to let the dust settle and really think about what it is I'm trying to say, and right now it's taking a little longer for everything to get clear.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Head/Heart: October 2015.

This month, more than ever, I've felt the consequences from a year of tackling everything head-on. Beyond the little frame that is our life depicted on Instagram, Facebook and even this blog space, I have felt frustrated, bitter, burnt out, sad, and at times, angry. A unique kind of exhaustion came over me—not the kind of exhaustion that can be remedied by extra sleep (although that can certainly help), but the kind that weighs on you the moment you wake up, and continues to eat away at you even when you go to bed. The heavier kind of sorrow that sometimes comes with no clear warning or reason, nothing heralding its arrival. This leads people with depression & anxiety, like me, to go a few steps backwards and I went from managing my mental state well to not at all in a very short period of time.

The unexpected arrival of these emotions have left me lost and confused. As a yogi, I have learnt to step back and observe, to be a witness to my own reactions, emotions and thoughts so that I may be mindful of my subsequent actions—but even as I did this, I found myself more and more bewildered. Still I kept trying to figure out what was wrong, why I was feeling this way—I'd had a great year after all, and yes, I may barely have anything left to give, but life is pretty good. As the feeling lingered, I began to lose hope that this, too, would pass. It's also hard to fix a problem when you're not even entirely sure what the problem is—so you bury it and internalise it and overthink it until you're so confused and exhausted from the thinking and you feel ridiculous so you don't share it with anybody else because you're not even sure they'll love you after (I sure as Hell wasn't loving myself).

Just the other day I realised: I was beating myself up for it all, and it was making me feel worse. Rather than accepting it, I was resisting it, hanging onto some notion of how things “should” be. I've always had high expectations of myself, and although I have become more of a friend to myself than I ever have before, I've been punishing myself for not having figured it all out. I kept thinking that because I had been managing myself so well over the last couple of years, that I wouldn't fall into bad, lengthy slumps like this any more—I was wrong, but I was also unforgiving of myself.

Recently I've been presented with so many different opportunities and paths I could take in the future. I am being pulled in all sorts of directions, wishing I could fit everything I ever want to do on this planet in this lifetime; biding my time and waiting, waiting, holding on with faith that I'll figure it out and letting myself be guided by the forever-present (perhaps not always obvious) signs of the things I am supposed to do. I have known myself deeply and for long enough now to know what my soul needs; what it yearns for—but as the new year looms ahead, I am struck by an unfamiliar sense of vagueness and indecision. There are three lessons in one here: I am still being schooled in going with the flow even when the flow may be stuck behind a rock or when I don't know where it's taking me; I am being taught not to try and do everything for everyone, the world and myself all in one day; and that the answer, as always, will be revealed to me when I am not looking for it, when I least expect it, only when I am truly listening, and only when I am ready for it.

As I was writing this post, fellow yogi & photographer Tahl Rinsky just happened to post this on Instagram: “The only thing we are bound to is change. If you're feeling stuck and can't seem to find the way out look again, it might actually be you blocking the exit.” How apt, and how true.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Head/Heart: September 2015.

I had every intention of slowing down in September. No more teacher training weekends and you'd think my weeks would have been freer, but really that freedom just led to me saying yes to more shoots (oops). It's not such a bad thing, and certainly a great way to save more before two big trips, but life has certainly been full.

In between the fullness, however, I create space. Space to spend afternoons meandering beautiful botanical gardens in full spring bloom; space to laugh with friends over good food; space to lie down on the grass with Martin, our eyes closed, mumbling to each other about life as we soak it all up, savouring the minutes without obligation, simply resting in the comfort and gratitude of each other's company. Short moments of relaxation many times is plenty enough to remind you how accessible your own happiness is—it isn't something that exists only in the future, or in some distant place far away from everything and everyone you know. It's something all of us can reach for right now, if we really want to.