Monday, June 20, 2011

We Heart Home: Brisbane Home Festival

The finished quilt, sewn all together for us by Porsha Marais! Thanks Porsha!

I went to the Brisbane Home Festival at Kangaroo Point on Sunday, where the We Heart Collective was asked to participate. We banded together to create a quilt which we naturally called our We Heart Home exhibition, making three quilt squares each to make one final quilt to display on the day. Our interactive activity was definitely a hit with the kids—we encouraged them to make their own quilt squares on simple paper and pencil, and asked them to draw something that meant home to them, which we then stuck on the wall adjacent to our own quilt.

The weather was fantastic and I'd definitely say the day was a success, it was great to see so many diverse people come together and share their interests with the wider community and it was definitely lots of fun.

You can find more photos at my Brisbane Home Festival set on Flickr.

Left: Illustration by Hannah Groff.
Right: Hand-crocheted edges and machine sewn 'tea' text by Katelyn Hankinson

Hand-stitched, badly registered CMYK by Dominique Falla

One of mine!

Cute illustrations on calico by Rach McCosh

The lovely Katelyn and Megan
Lindsay taking photos.

L-R: Porsha, Megan, myself and Lindsay.